alone is the last place i want to be

Lo, the sequel has begun. Not fantastic progress — turns out the words, they are not willing — but it's a start. You know what this means? Oh yes, the public thrashing as I flail and grope for plot has also begun. You are all very, very lucky.

I tried to outline in advance, and I guess to some extent I succeeded, but my outlining in advance has never run to anything as handy as, you know, plot points. Oh no, that would be too easy. My outlines are full of character and world scribbles: Amalia runs on spite as much as anything, Matilde is finally quit with the self-pity.1 Sure, it gives me character motivation, which always helps with reactions, but I'm still driving blind here as to what, precisely, they're reacting to. C'est la vie.

In other news, the big ship is no longer on the beach. Three attempts, and various snapped cables later, apparently it's back to fulfilling its purpose in life. Or at least, it's stopped sitting on rocks and is back to floating again. It's a start.

  1. I hope. I'll smack her if she's not []

6 thoughts on “alone is the last place i want to be

  1. Yes, you should have. Apparently she's now happily heading out to deeper waters, where she'll have her hull checked. Chance lost now.

    Also: *sheepish* In the break, though, Matilde has apparently developed snark. The girl shows promise at long last.

  2. Oh good on you, that is great. I have picked up an old outline this week, and I have expanded it all over the place! This is the first time I have really done such a detailed plot outline . I'm on a roll!

    I am looking forward to seeing what Mathilde does next

  3. Thanks Becky. Do you normally outline? I used to find it killed my story entirely. I've since grown beyond that a little, but not enough to actually ever come up with more than a vague and nebulous idea of two or three key scenes.

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