all my maps will only show me how to lose my way

My writing process has gone to pot.

I suspect this is partly due to lifestyle — the dayjob leaves me weary and frazzled, so I fall behind in my quota, so on my day off I write a bucketload of words to catch up, so the next day off I'm frazzled and barely make quota, so the next day (back at the dayjob), I'm frazzled and I fall behind again. You can see how this isn't ideal. I may have to reinstitute the write first strategy. I've been avoiding that because, quite frankly, it's bloody freezing first thing in the morning. And because I am of the Sleep Is Paramount school of thought.

There is also the issue of the missing outline. I know the first turning point of the novel, but that's two and a bit chapters away. If I had an idea of what the novel was driving toward, I might actually not have to plot at the same time as I'm trying to write. That always slows me down and leaves me running behind. Bah Humbug, as a wiser man once said.

I have solved the no-plot issue, at least in the short-term, by reverting to the scattershot approach. Yes, this is where I write a novel out of sequence, without an outline.1 Some people say it can't be done, but I laugh at such a foolish and cowardly notion. Of course it can be done! It simply requires lunacy, OCD tendencies, and a reckless ability to ignore the mountain of reconstructive work you're creating for yourself with every word added to the manuscript. Easy! ๐Ÿ˜•

I know exactly what I need to do to fix this, or at least ameliorate it: I need to outline the novel, so I'm not trying to plot and write at the same time. I need to work a bit of exercise into my schedule, so I have more energy and don't want to collapse into bed before the sun's even glanced at the horizon.

Now let's see how long it takes me to actually implement this fix ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Ah, continuity issues, welcome back — how we've (not) missed you! []

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  1. LOL – yes, cocoa! there must always be cocoa! I have been consoling myself writing the cool scenes where Clay comes back.

  2. Research! When I feel like that I bury myself in reseach. Dress, ways of ancient battle and the resulting wounds, some old wives tale that is so absurd, you worry there may be truth in it! :mrgreen:

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