we need lies to make it through the day

I have power! Oh, sweet electricity, how I missed you! Hot showers, how I missed you!

On a sadder note, I still have no internets.

To celebrate the return of power, I promptly went and ordered a copy of The Perishers' "Let There Be Morning", which I can highly recommend. I also bit the bullet and bought a new mobile phone (since the old one took a little fall and thereafter refused to turn on) — only to find my new number already belonged to poor Chris, who was beleaguered by calls and texts from my friends and family for a day before the network carrier figured out what they'd done wrong. Sorry about that, Chris, whoever you are. Electricity and modern networks and I have always had an uneasy relationship.

Also? I have decided my next garden will have pansies. Uprooted pansies never hurt anybody.

4 thoughts on “we need lies to make it through the day

  1. I love pansies. They are the smiling flowers!

    Glad to hear you're getting your cell back on track. Mine went through the same thing — being dropped one too many times.

  2. Good thing I didn't test that first number.

    And I'm going to wait a day before testing this new one, 'cause you never know.

    (Are these pansies of yours going to turn around when you sweet talk them?)

  3. Terrible storm to live through. I was thinking of you and others we know in the area. Hard to get news here in Fiji, and the updates via ABC website didn't tell me, "Deb's okay, but her brother had to leave his car".

    Glad you're okay now.

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