the synapses, they are random

Well, ticky it is. I knew you were all rational, logical, right-thinking people 😉

Why is it, whenever I decide to be good and not eat unhealthy foods, it's somebody's birthday and I am served mudcake with whipped cream? You can't refuse to eat birthday cake: it's rude. I ate the birthday cake. And the whipped cream. And the slab of chocolate on top of the whipped cream. Yes, I am definitely full now.

Torchwood started last week, and Doctor Who starts this week. No less than two Doctor Who episodes this week! *bounces* Who needs a social life when TV is in the good season? For my North American friends who do not have broadband or otherwise do not download the UK episodes and are therefore forced to wait even longer than me for their fanfix (are there any of you?), I promise not to be too gleeful. Or spoilery. But I reserve the right to bounce. Yes.

Despite promises to the contrary, I have not started the sequel. This is because I am bad. I could claim storms, and big boats on the beach, and the first birthday of the baby toddler — but really, it's because I'm bad. I have started pre-writing plotting thinking about it, though. I shall be more productive in July.

In the meantime, it's time for a photo. Here is me as a littlun, practising my snooty look.

How perfect is that? Man, I was so much better than whoever was taking that photo. I only wish I could nail such admirably snooty looks now.

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