that's not a storm — this is a storm

Well. That was a fizzle.1 We didn't even lose power. You call that a storm? Look, unless there's a coal tanker on your beach, it wasn't a storm.


  1. Er, except for the people south of Sydney. I expect they will disagree with me. But for my local purposes… yeah, a fizzle. []

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    The whole "WORST STORM EVAH" reminded me of the Canberra bushfires. The day AFTER everything had burnt down, the media were all "OOOH WORST BUSHFIRE DAY EVAH PREPARE YOURSELVES OOOH" and of course, it totally wasn't.

  2. THIS SITE NEEDS MORE POLL. And, now I've actually hunted down a poll plugin and installed it, it will have! I shall go poll-mad!

    I hear you on the worst storm/bushfire evah issue, too. I honestly haven't decided if all the media over last night's was jumpiness or because sydney gets more news attention than the rest of nsw, or just general media hype. Seriously, they were doing late-night updates on the "approaching cyclonic winds" — which were predicted to be 20km/h or more slower than the non-cyclonic winds which hit newwie. That's a big difference.

  3. And, you know, even if there had been cyclonic winds, Sydney doesn't have a coal tanker looming over it. Pshaw. Every photo I see of the tanker makes me laugh. It looks aburd and awesome.

    (Forgive me if I double/triple/quadruple post, the network here is playing up.)

  4. It's even more eye-opening in person. I'm not a strong swimmer, but even I could swim out to touch the hull. Hell, I could probably wade out.

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