i has intarwebs!

Or at least, I have the phone line and the power and the wireless network up and running.

The net itself is a little sketchier.

And, here's the fun news: the stormwater drains are filling again. More heavy rains and storm-force winds are on the way. One local radio station has even claimed gale-force winds. (nooo! they be stealin mah intarwebs!)

Bear with me, peoples, the blog will be up and running once this stupid weather pattern stops being abusive.

In the meantime, have a lolcat:

via I Can Has Cheezburger, naturally.

2 thoughts on “i has intarwebs!

  1. I know! This time I'm reasonably sanguine, because they're giving us lots of warnings. The one that really knocked the town to its knees had no warning. Ergo, clearly no need to worry.

    I think I would excel at that job.

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