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Today's adventures in driving: plonking my bag down on the passenger seat, driving away, only to have a horrendous bleat startle me as soon as I reached 20 kph. Turns out there's a weight sensor in said passenger seat, and the car was quite desperate to tell me that my bag had not fastened its seatbelt. Learn something new every day.

In other news, iTunes is driving me insane. I like iTunes, I really do, but talk about a heavy load on the CPU. And even more distressing is the habit of corrupting its database on exit. This routinely involves iTunes loading up a 3:00 song, telling me it's a 3:00 song … and playing 1:48 or so of it. It's teeth-grindingly annoying.

So, Pod-people out there: do you stick with iTunes, despite its rather charming features? Or have you switched, and if so, to what? At the moment I'm toying with MusikCube which, if it showed artwork, would be perfect. I've looked at MediaMonkey, but they don't provide smart/dynamic playlist functionality for free. I've looked at WinAmp, but that interface drives me insane. Any other advice?

In actual writing-related news: I haven't written for two whole days. I may not write tonight. (Although I will probably try to write a blurb or query letter for the novel, to start fishing for agents.)


It's quite strange, actually. I feel a little lost, and definitely at a loose end. So far I'm filling my time with creating playlists for mp3 CDs for the car. I have a lot of songs. This could take a lot of CDs.

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  1. I haven't had iTunes do anything like that. Or at least, if it has, I haven't been paying attention. Very certain it isn't corrupting itself.

  2. Maybe I'm just really lucky…? I don't truly know what prompts this little glitch, to be honest. A song can be loaded fine one day, then suddenly the next it's displaying as the normal time but iTunes skips the second half. The only way to fix it is to delete the file from the library and reimport it. It's just starting to happen one too many times for my sanity to cope 😐

  3. Maybe iTunes itself is corrupted?

    I know I have had a couple of weird rips, where the very last song of a CD has only been half ripped, but this is easily fixed by reripping.

    And my last iPod, that died a spectacular harddrive corruption death, DID mess a bit with the iTunes library on my comp.

  4. Could be. Because I can't pin down what exactly causes the problem, I can't be sure what's happening. But it does take an awful awful long time to close (when I shut down the computer instead of hibernating), so I imagine it would be easy to do some database damage at that point, particularly if the computer tried to shut down on top of the program closing.

    Too, though, the program is just getting too big a footprint for me to download, since Telstra refuse to provide my area with ADSL.

  5. Thanks, but I'm good at the mo' – I keep the latest dl nearby, in case I need to reinstall in between times. Just casting about to see if there isn't a program which might suit me better.

  6. Two possibilities spring to my mind:

    1)Yahoo's music thingie. The last time I saw it, it was actually shaping up into a decent little player. The Caveat: they bought Musicmatch, which sucks ass, and integrated the two together. I haven't seen the end result, so don't know how badly the Musicmatch assness might have ruined it. The player, of course, is tied into the Yahoo store, but is also a generic player and can handle, I *think*, iPods — just can't play Yahoo's music (WMV), and I don't think it can work with iTunes purchases (unless, of course, it's the new happy stuff from iTunes Plus)

    2)The Very Much In Beta Option: Songbird ( Based on Mozilla, intended, when it's finished, to be the "Firefox of music players." It's in the early stages and has many things missing — can't rip CDs, for instance. Has iPod support through a plugin for the moment. Very promising, very, very Beta. Be warned. One advantage — if you've bought drm'd stuff on iTunes, the Windows and Mac versions of Songbird can play it. It's also open sourcey free goodness. The current skin, sadly, is a bit ugly. Hopefully they'll come up with a better one.

  7. Oh, yes, I do like the look of Songbird. But I'd rather wait for a stable release (which seems to be taking, oh, forever…) I'll have a look at the yahoo player, too, thanks!

  8. To be fair, it is, overall, pretty stable. Just very feature incomplete at the moment. The Windows version never crashed on me, for what it's worth.

    And it does amuse me that an early release, dubbed as a developer release, loads faster than iTunes. But then, what doesn't?

  9. I have about 9000. I can't remember when the glitches started occurring, so the library size may be neither here nor there.

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