just when you're comfortable, life smacks you in the ear

The other morning I made the happy discovery that my iPod plugs directly into my new car. Dude! I was happy, back when I bought my second car, that it had a tape player. (My first car had only a radio station — an AM-only radio station, at that.) This is so much better.

Then I got to work, and had to make a booking for a young man to bank some sperm. He was starting chemotherapy that afternoon. He's all of nineteen.

Some days, the contrast is more extreme than others.

I've been doing what I do best, lately, namely burying myself in work. In this particular instance, it's novel revisions. I might, if I didn't know my beta readers were lovely (and geographically dispersed) people, I just might suspect them of ganging up with a plot to drive me batshit insane by contradicting each other at every turn. What? How did that happen? You never set that up, one cries, as another points out Yeah. I saw that coming ages ago.1 I have actually finished all the heavy-lifting of the revision; now I have only to flick back and do spot-changes here and there.

And then — because Tess and Leigh may well lynch me if I don't — it's on to writing the sequel.

  1. Reactions are paraphrased, naturally. Because exact examples require context. My brain has all the genius of stewed prunes these days; context is too difficult. []

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    Car envy here. Dad has a Mazda 3 as well; I'm not that keen on the steering, it feels like I'm driving a toy, but then I'm used to mum's car.

  2. Whoops. Suddenly I feel vaguely guilty. From my experience so far, it's much easier to do a revision when everyone you give your story to is saying the same thing! Although perhaps less reassuring in another way, when I come to think about it, since it suggests something 'really' is wrong. Perhaps in this case it's coming down more to the tastes of your readers? If so, it sounds like it's "follow your own heart" time. πŸ™‚

  3. Hee. In my experience, when the reviewers are wildly disagreeing with each other, it's a sign you've got something right: you've hit a nerve. Of course, it does make it trickier to revise, yes. But then, even when all the reviewers say the same thing, it's still tricky to revise. Lose some, lose some, eh? πŸ˜‰

  4. Tess: belated response. My spam-catcher has abruptly decided to play tricks with your comments, sorry about that! After my 21 year old Mazda, the steering in my new car feels just fine and dandy! If somewhat scarily powerful. 21 year old power steering is a very different beast to today's power steering, that's for sure. What does your mum drive? Mine has a Subaru, and if there's one car make which I love to drive, it's a Subaru.

  5. Mum has a Holden Vectra, few years old, but it drives like I think a car should drive. After a year in my driving instructors corolla (UGH! NEVER AGAIN!) it was beauuuutiful.

    I don't blame your spam catcher, I only talk crap anyway.

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