impulsive? me?

Disappeared off the face of the internets for a while there, didn't I?

Mostly this was because my car, my faithful little car Tequila, started giving me troubles. Now Tequila, besides being a bright and shiny green, is 21 years old1 — so trouble isn't exactly out of the ordinary. She has her quirks: like the way the dashboard doesn't in fact light up when you turn on the headlights. Or the way the interior light turns on for every open door except the driver's.

But this was trouble piling on top of trouble, an endless list of necessary repairs and maintenance, and three breakdowns in as many days. When your car is only worth $1,000 in good condition (which Tequila is not, thanks to a chemical manufacturing plant which provided employee parking right under the ammonium nitrate fallout), you start to question the cost of repairs.

You start to think it's time to upgrade. Maybe, you dare to dream, maybe I could even own a car manufactured this century…

And then, if you're me, you pick your mother up2 and take a brand new Mazda 3 for a test drive. Just to know how they handle, of course.

You can guess the next part, can't you?

Yes, I just bought a new car. 😯

Not just new-to-me, but brand spanking new. She comes off the boat tomorrow, and I'll be picking her up (and hemorrhaging the rest of the purchase price) next week.

So, because I obviously cannot come up with content while my brain is this addled, have a couple of links:

  1. She's old enough to drink! And vote! Even in America. Which is something some members of my family can't claim 😉 []
  2. The mother is important, for she is impulsive and I am reticent to part with so much as a nickel. Together, we almost make a normal person who spends rationally []

3 thoughts on “impulsive? me?

  1. Aaah! I heard about the big fungi! It sounds so Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind!!! Amazing. Glad to hear about your new car, too! I'm assuming in a place like Australia, a car is probably most definitely required as a mode of transit. 🙂

  2. Oh, and because I can't bug you about it enough. . .

    WAH!!!! Where's the sequel to Dead Queen!? I want to know what happens next!

    Hee, seriously — you hooked me! And it is VERY difficult to maintain my interest past the first book, but you got me! 🙂 What a cliff-hanger ending!

  3. I'm assuming in a place like Australia, a car is probably most definitely required as a mode of transit.

    Oh, absolutely. If you live in one of the capital cities, the public transport is adequate and you can get around without a car. (If you live in the inner city of one of the capitals, then a car is almost more hassle than it's worth.) But outside the capitals? Oy vey. Buses are cheap, but few and far between, and train service isn't worth speaking of. The reason I bought a car in the first place, 'bout six years ago, was that my local council knifed all the bus services: it was going to take me three different buses and three hours to get home from work (a ten-minute car drive's distance)!

    Hee, and sorry about the cliffhanger ending. I honestly wanted to tie a few things up in there, but it just… felt like the ending there. I am going to write the sequel, I promise!

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