a random assortment

Still no car. (I am now officially impatient.) (It has however finally arrived in town. I am picking it up, Tequila willing, tomorrow.)

Still no Doctor Who. (All you northern hemispherical types already watching it? Yeah. Not helping.) I am self-medicating with episodes of Firefly and past episodes of Doctor Who, but it's not helping much.

My workplace has ripped out all the nearby parking, and turned what's left into non-staff areas. So when I do have a car? I won't be able to park it anywhere.

Looking for an agent? OnyxHawke has gone mad.

I am buried in novel revisions, and have no brain for anything else. (Why do I change pivotal plot points at this late stage? Why?)

I need more sleep.

How about you?

7 thoughts on “a random assortment

  1. Ardellis, thank you, that is some comfort, of the misery loves company kind. And I suspect Aus will get the series before the US, since that's what happened last year. But still. Impatient!

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