Well, I've slept on it, and hours and hours have passed, and no further email has appeared in my inbox telling me it was all a wicked joke…

So I guess I've just sold a story to POSTSCRIPTS.


Needless to say, I am thrilled (if a little stunned). But heck, I was pretty stunned when my query earned a "send the story along" response1. So when the second email appeared in my inbox, I avoided it. They'd only had the story for a day, after all. Bound to be a rejection. Plenty of time to catalogue what kind of rejection in a moment.

Except this time? Apparently not. 😀

The story in question is, yes, the one I've been wrangling recently, "The Wages of Salt". No idea when it will see actual print, since I understand POSTSCRIPTS is bought up a fair way into the future at the moment.

An enormous shout-out (of the I owe you a beer or beverage of your choice kind) to my Rimfire crew: Nike, Rju, Ben, Andy, Kaaron, Matt, and Rosaleen, who gave me such constructive feedback on this story I had to rewrite it from the ground up. Which means they won't recognise it any more, but they helped make it what it is.

  1. I hate querying. I have always maintained I can't write queries. I guess maybe I can't maintain that any more? []

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  1. Thanks, Andy. And a special thanks to you, actually, for the tagline summary you gave me of the story at Rimfire – I kept it stuck to the computer screen to stop me starting too early or wandering off-topic 😉 Helped enormously.

  2. Thanks Rachel, chance, Ben.

    Ben: you'll be glad to know the pretentious ending is gone entirely. Oh, and saw you in the cocktail party photos; looks like you guys had a great day.

  3. That's great news. Did you do anything to celebrate other than just cash the cheque?? (In my house when we do something we feel especially proud of, we go out for Peking Duck!)

  4. Deb – o scrumptious joy! That's fabulous news, dear writer. Fabulous!

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