i sense a library trip in my future

Lolling about with an Agatha Christie novel, mindless and unhurried shopping errands (the car has new! wiper! blades!), and absolutely nary a thought about any of my stories…

So that's what a couple of days off, guilt-free, are like.

On the whole, I approve. Once I fought my way through the restless jitters, and the belief that I really should be doing something, turns out it is possible to relax into the flow of things. I should do it more often.

Mind you, I didn't manage the "nary a thought about any of my stories" part quite so well. One day, in fact. One day without needling at plot issues for the next novel hiding in the back of my brain, and then yesterday I was back at it, plaguing myself with questions. (The "why?" game is quite tedious when played with a child; when played with your own mind, it can be just as tedious.) Still, a day off is a good thing.

In the meantime, I think it's time to read some more awesomeness. I have a brief window of opportunity before whatever I write next rises up to consume me and demand I read nothing, and my to-read shelf is bereft of novels.

So: suggestions? What is awesome? What should I read next?

4 thoughts on “i sense a library trip in my future

  1. H'm. I wonder if my local library even stock them. Last time I read Asterix was primary school, and my memory of them is so shaky I pretty much only remember that they exist. I will check them out.

  2. Asterix comics are a bit like Disney; they rock when you're a kid, and then when you go back and read them as an adult, you pick up on everything that went over your head before. Which is a lot. Some of those word plays are unbelievable.

    Or you could go read COMPANY. *prod*

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