don't be fooled — it is all about me

This past week I have:

:: committed follicular folly — I have a fringe. (I don't know if Americans would call it "bangs" or not, as I've never quite wrapped my head around what bangs, exactly, are.) It's one of those fringes that's too long to be worn as a fringe and has to be swept off to the side, but yes, fringe. It tickles and itches. It also draws compliments. It requires styling so it dries right. It also draws compliments. The eternal dilemma: looking good for others, or laziness.

:: eaten far too much chocolate. In one spectacular fall from grace, I actually managed to consume an entire red tulip white chocolate rabbit — 200g — in one day. Not my cleverest move.

:: been rather stunned by the question What about work? Don't you meet any nice men through work?.1

:: discovered a distinct lack of availability in oaten hay. How is the powerbunny supposed to maintain a trim figure if the pet stores insist on selling only lucerne hay?

I don't really like not having a novel to work on. There's all this extra space in my brain, and nothing quite fills it up right. I've been wrangling that short story in the meantime — just like the original draft, and every other attempted revision, it's taking longer than I thought possible. It also now bears little to no resemblance to the original version, which is a strange and slightly jagged thought. But sometimes, what you need to get the story started, isn't needed to make the story live.

  1. To fully appreciate this, you need to understand I work at an IVF clinic. The men I meet through work? Are trying to impregnate wives and girlfriends. []

10 thoughts on “don't be fooled — it is all about me

  1. The mere fact that my novel contains shady space dudes means there can be nothing resembling a wookie within light years. I say!

  2. Bangs, yes. I don't know why we call it/them that. I suppose the individual strands that make up the fringe are bangs?

    I like fringe better, but no one over here would understand what I meant if I said it.

  3. Hi Stephanie! Bangs to me always sounds so very dramatic. It's such a … loud word. When I was first trying to wrap my head around it, I wondered if maybe bangs meant layered around the face, too long to be a fringe. But that never seemed to gel either.

  4. You can always work for a games company; no lack of men there(As long as by nice you mean slightly pasty man-boys who watch too much anime, and argue about where to put curly braces) πŸ˜‰

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