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I need a new tag or category or something: writers is nuts.

Two weeks ago, I finished the beta draft of the novel. For values of finished = I couldn't stand the thought of the manuscript. In an example of avoidance excellence, I was getting to the point where, if anyone said "novel" in my presence, I would develop a bone-crushing weariness and a deep and abiding compulsion to nap, there and then. So, finished.

And now? I have the first comments back from one of the beta-readers.

And suddenly I am itching to work on the novel again, even though I know if I start before I have all the comments back I'll only have to go over old territory yet one more time.

Like I said, writers is nuts.

In other news, the short story? Still not finished. But close! Oh, so close.1

  1. I hope. []

8 thoughts on “anguish!

  1. heh. you are a marked woman 😈

    well, you're fine now. but just wait until i wade into the revisions. then you're in trouble. the bitching you'll have to listen to!

  2. ThatS great, what an emotional rollercoaster it sounds like!
    My little one slows reading down but I'm close 🙂

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