No writing for the past couple of days. Part procrastination, part lack of focus, and a very large dash of overwhelming !fun with the car.

After a semi-breakdown on Thursday morning, the car spent the night at a mechanics for fixing. I picked it up late Friday afternoon, "fixed, hopefully". Turns out the mechanic was a little too optimistic: not ten minutes later found me broken down in a 701 zone. Of course the mechanic was closed by this point, so I had to have the car towed home instead of someplace where she could be fixed2. Blerk.

In other news, remember my search for suitable rabbit hay? I found some. And guess, go on, guess, who's allergic. Yeah. There's a reason it's called hayfever. I only have to look slantwise at this stuff and my entire face swells closed. I think I'd rather live with a fat rabbit than a lean, hay-fed rabbit.

  1. This would be km/hr, not m/hr []
  2. This time preferably less "hopefully" and more "definitely". The mechanic, in attempting to keep costs low for me, tried the quick fix rather than the complete carburettor overhaul the car actually needs. []

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