the mri

So, as it turns out, I have a brain after all.1 Proof! Evidence! Personally, I'm quite fond of my brain. It fills all of my head, and seems to me that's a good characteristic of a brain. Good enough for me, anyway.

For you lucky folks playing along at home, I've even uploaded an image. Because, really, who doesn't want to see my brain?

Apologies for the crappyness. As it turns out, it's a tad difficult to photograph or scan films.

The fact remains I am not empty-headed. Despite behaviour sometimes to the contrary.

Oh, and they really shouldn't take the opportunity, while I was trapped motionless inside a big magnet, of playing Fine Young Cannibals at me. The nurse assured me it could have been worse, they could have chosen Dolly Parton for me. Somehow, I didn't find that particularly comforting.

Also? It is possible to fall asleep in the midst of an MRI. Just so you know. Or maybe I really can sleep anywhere.

  1. Whether said brain functions correctly, normally, or as expected is still undetermined. Feel free to speculate on that as you will. []

6 thoughts on “the mri

  1. dudedudedude apart from the fact that it's weirdly awesome to have a picture of your brain, WHY are you mriing? ALARM.

  2. hee, i have multiple pictures of my brain! 52 of them! one film is of the blood vessels in my brain from various angles – how cool is that?

    as for why, it's because of the spastic eye. a couple of years ago my right eye routinely blacked out. My ophthalmologist healed that up, but now my left eye has started in on the fun. The MRI is to check for any changes in the meantime.

  3. quite alarming, particularly when the ophthalmologist says, in achingly quiet tones, "that's very distressing…"

    still. i am doing my best to pretend nought is wrong until proven otherwise. although i've had a dark day or two in there 😉 (ugh. no pun intended.)

    If your eyes turn into strobe lights, I promise I will make your sandwiches for you.

    hee. you rock! can i have peanut butter on mine?

  4. Ugh. Way to reassure your patient.

    Are you into smooth or crunchy? This could get nasty.

    Also….if you DIDN'T fall asleep in an MRI, I'd think there was something wrong.

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