the gods of electricity have a point to make…

Another weekend, another blackout. This one right in the middle of attempting a backup.

It is possible I am some kind of human lightning rod. Except I've never been struck by lightning myself. I just attract strikes and surges to my general vicinity. Perhaps some higher power wants to punish me for the sheer flood of electrons I consume every day. (I think very positive thoughts about being environmentally conscious. These thoughts, apart from switching off the work computers so they don't run all night, have yet to translate into real electronic conservationism.)

The worst thing about blackouts right this very moment? Would be because the ophthalmologist has me on a short course of steroids.

Steroids remove any desire to sleep.

Please, take a moment to pick yourself up off the floor. Yes, it's true: I don't want to sleep. I am, in fact, the queen of bouncy wide-eyed wakefulness. (I am also, needless to say, looking forward to the end of the steroids.) Blackouts make passing the time in the middle of the pitch-black night a touch difficult.

ETA: Not two minutes after posting this, yet. another. blackout. Methinks its time to buy some more candles and a reliable torch or two.

2 thoughts on “the gods of electricity have a point to make…

  1. At least you live in the modern era. Imagine if you had lived in, say, Victorian Times, and your evil powers worked on the dominate power sources of the time. You'd have steam engines exploding, gas lights burning down entire cities…probably safer, all told, that you merely affect electricity.

  2. Oh, hey. That is a very, very good point.

    Just remind me never to work near a substation, or a power plant, and the rest of you should all be safe. (If in the dark, whenever you visit me.)

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