i win at failing

I've been missing in action because Telstra, in an attempt to punish me for I know not what, have decreed that I shall have only the most rudimentary and intermittent internet access. In addition to Telstra's ploy, the home network router has concocted a machiavellian1 plot to keep me away from the shinyshiny internet.2 Dial-up would be an elysian dream compared to this. I am becoming mighty familiar with the ErrorZilla page.


This makes it very difficult to read slush, and to procrastinate by surfing blogs. But never fear! I still managed to find ways to procrastinate without the internets. Yes, I know, it boggles the mind. But if the EMP of doom does arrive, it's a comfort to know that I won't necessarily be forced back to being productive. Phew, huh?

For real content, I direct you elsewhere: Justine is soliciting your thoughts: What's the best day job for a writer? Go answer, or just read the comments and discover the perfect dayjob buried in there somewhere.

  1. Why do I want to spell machiavellian with two c's? Have I seen too many misspellings? []
  2. Or it's dying. Which would be the more charitable thought, since the router has never seemed malevolent before now. But given that I win at breaking networks just by walking into a room, I harbour a niggling suspicion the router is punishing me. []