i see my maryanne walking away

Away, Come Away
New Words: 1,196 / 1,330
Total Words: 2,500

Dead Queen
New Words: 83 / 90
Revised Words: 1,530 / 1,680
Total Revised: 38,274
Manuscript Comment du jour: For some reason I have an image of a hen with mercury poisoning. No, I don't know either. (No — I really don't know. I just live inside my head. I can't explain it!)

I've settled into something approximating a routine, so far as my writing goes. Said routine involves dragging myself awake at 7 (thank goodness for starving cats or I might never get up), staggering through the dayjob until I can have a nap when I get home. Then staying up ridiculously late chasing words.1 It works, sort of. I'm a night-owl, after all.

But I'm noticing the side-effects of a schedule which relies on two substandard dozes rather than a sound night's sleep. My brain is kinda … fuzzy. This is probably not a long-term solution.

Finds of the day:

  1. Tonight, being a day off from the dayjob, I am in fact finished early. Hours and hours early. []

3 thoughts on “i see my maryanne walking away

  1. LOL. That's what worries me. It's how I got through Clarion, too. And remember what happened at the end of Clarion? Two weeks of comatose, that's what happened. I likes me my sleep. I miss my sleep!

  2. History repeats!

    And I think you should cut something other than sleep out of your life. Like…I don't know. Washing and eating.

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