and now for something completely different random

Phrases heard this week which make excellent catch-cries:

Goodbye, trolley people!

I caught this one on TV last night. Flicking through the channels landed me on a movie with Julie Andrews playing a Queen. Don't know why the Queen was standing in the middle of an American street with a stopped tram, but this was her parting comment to the people on said tram. And really, who cares why? It's a brilliant line. Henceforth don't be surprised if I call you trolley person when I'm feeling whimsical.

I thought no way would they keep pushing us — we needed a break. I mean, we're fat people.

One of the contestants on a reality weightloss program. Paraphrased (except for the vital phrase, namely, we're fat people). Precisely. We're fat people. We need more breaks. The logic is impeccable.