2 February 2007

New Words: 793 / 900 (Away)
Revised Words: 819 / 930 (Dead Queen)

I did not start a new novel today. Nuh-uh. I would not do that before I'd finished revising the last one. *angelic look*

In other news, there is a nerve which runs through the inside of my elbow. This is not groundbreaking news, I know. But I had blood taken today (about seven tubes of the stuff — it is entirely possible my ophthalmologist has decided to cure my mysterious eye issues by bleeding me), and unfortunately my stupid nerve decided to get in the way of the vein. My wrist is now aching and aching and aching. Something as simple as unscrewing the cap of my water bottle is defeating me.

Oh, and if you ever want to break a blood collector's heart? Nothing so simple. All you need to do is exclaim, when they remove the needle from your vein, "Thank God! That was the worst blood-taking ever!"

The poor girl's face fell through the floor. Me and my stupid mouth.

7 thoughts on “2 February 2007

  1. No, dude, I was referring to you not not starting a new novel!

    The blood letting, well, if she can't handle that, that's herrrr problem.

  2. Oh. That. Well, in my defense, I actually wrote the first line of the novel oh, at least a good month ago.

    So technically, no matter how much mindmapping I did today and how many new words I wrote last night, really, I didn't start a new novel yesterday. Honest. 😯

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