1 February 2007

New Words: 547 / 640 (Dead Queen, The Forgotten)
Revised Words: 794 / 830 (Dead Queen)

Four hours after the ophthalmologist used his tricksy drops, and I still cannot focus to save my life. I tried to take a photo of my eye, because hey, who doesn't want to see my eye so dilated there is virtually no iris visible? It's like proof of mutant superpowers. Or something.

(Although, really? I'm not convinced of the need for the "can't focus" mutant superpower. I mean, sure, it looks cool and sharklike, but bumping into walls and crying uncontrollably when the ambient light is brighter than, say, pitch black? Not so cool. On the whole.)

But the photo was a failure, largely due to the inability to focus. (Couldn't see that coming, could you?) So you'll just have to trust me on that cool and sharklike image.

4 thoughts on “1 February 2007

  1. Bendy chopsticks? Are they even more difficult than straight chopsticks?

    Together, we almost make a whole (completely useless) mutant!

  2. Yeah, they are. They don't meet at the end properly. I dunno, just once chopsticks have been exposed to me, after a while they go bend.

    Together, we are very stoppable.

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