that sound you heard…?

…is the sound of this story wiping the floor with me.

It just took me an hour and a half to come up with a new way of beginning this story. An hour. And a half.

It's not even in the final perfect and polished form. There's a little note next to it which says "Erk. Fix this so it's, you know, readable."

Okay, so it's an awful lot better than my first attempt at starting this story — which was very clearly me wandering around the setting I'd created, humming to myself and wondering how and when and precisely why all the characters got together and started, you know, storying. Whereas now those first six pages have been condensed into one sentence1.

So, yes. Progress. In its way.

On the upside, now that I've figured out the new structure for this story, there's a chance the rest of it might fall into place. That's tonight's writer's lie, anyway. 😐 Wish me luck.

  1. No doubt everything in those first six pages which didn't make it into that one sentence (namely, everything, since that one sentence is entirely new) will in fact be dissected and threaded through the rest of the story. But still. []

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