one day more

I cannot concentrate today. If someone were to barge in, place a shotgun to my temple and shout, "Quick, what's the square root of one?" I doubt I'd be able to find an answer. (Well, sure, yes, the shotgun might make me wibble at the best of times. But hush in the galleries, would you? I'm trying to make a point.)

I suspect today's bout of scatty-head has much to do with the fact that my eyes have decided to misbehave. By which I mean they've started blacking out at seemingly random moments, that sort of thing. Oh, yes, and one feels quite swollen, although it's much better now than it was over the weekend. Does make any sort of activity a touch difficult.

But! We shall forge on. Hopefully I'll regather some momentum before the night's out, and maybe this time when I take on the short story, I'll win. For a change.

(or not.)