22 january 2007

Revised Words: 2,595 / 2,770 (Dead Queen), 1,411 / 1,740 (Blessed)
Soundtrack: Garden State, Scrubs
Exercise: An hour and a half! It didn't help my plotwork any.

That hope I had, of the rest of this short story falling into place now I'd found the new structure? Unfounded. Utterly. Honestly, it's like waging war. I have answered story's latest recalcitrance and stubbornness with editing everything I know will be staying. Which means tomorrow may prove rather … trying 😯

I am a lucky, lucky writergirl.

2 thoughts on “22 january 2007

  1. My mother has made some russian toffee. Although to be fair we neither of us wanted to lose a filling, so we didn't cook it long enough to be hard. So it's more like russian caramel. Mmmm. It's the only thing keeping me going. (And part of the reason I did so much exercise yesterday.)

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