15 January 2007

Revised Words: 1,163 / 1,200
Soundtrack: an awful lot of Damien Rice today.

Last night there was a comet over Krakow. Tonight there's a comet over Catalonia. In about forty minutes I'm going to see if I can't spot a comet over me, because apparently it's climbing the southern skies as of last night.

I spent today being bewitched by a new IM client. I've always been able to resist the lure of instant messaging, because none of my friends used the same protocol (thus requiring seven gazillion different logins) and because the clients I'd used, quite frankly, blow. But now I've found gaim. This could spell doom for my productivity levels. On the other hand, those of you who nudge me gently every now and then for seemingly vanishing off the face of the earth can now, potentially, see that I haven't. Win some, lose some, right?