thursday thirteen songs

Thirteen songs I cannot get out of my head

  1. Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol). This is partly the fault of the commercial stations. I used to love this song (and when the saturation dies down I suspect I will like it once again).
  2. Run (Snow Patrol). I told you I was on a Snow Patrol kick lately.
  3. Careless Whisper (Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright). There's something about that twangy ya which gets me every single time.
  4. New Slang (The Shins). Actually, pretty much anything by the Shins. (If you've not heard any of their stuff, there's a free (and legal) mp3 download of one of their latest songs, Phantom Limb, on Sub Pop records. Plus a few other downloads.)
  5. Such Great Heights. I have the original version of this song by The Postal Service, and cover versions by Iron & Wine, Ben Folds, Rilo Kiley, The Shins, and the Dresden Dolls. I love all of them.
  6. Bandit Queen (The Decemberists). Again with the whole caveat "pretty much anything by these guys rocks". I owe my brother big-time for introducing me to this band.
  7. Cannonball (Damien Rice). Where oh where did I learn about Damien Rice? Actually I think it's because I have Vienna Teng's cover version of this song, and I loved the song so much I tracked down the original. Boy am I glad I did.
  8. Portions for Foxes (Rilo Kiley). I think it was Grey's Anatomy introduced me to the songs of Rilo Kiley, and I've never looked back. There's very few RK songs in my library which aren't loved beyond the bounds of obsession.
  9. The Scientist (Aimee Mann). Don't get me wrong, I love the original version of this song by Coldplay, but there's something about Aimee's version that keeps drawing me back.
  10. All The Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands (Sufjan Stevens). I actually find Sufjan a little hit and miss for my taste. (Although I always like his song titles, even if only because they're often longer than the songs themselves). But this song falls into the hit category
  11. Tomorrow, Wendy (Concrete Blonde). An old favourite, this one.
  12. I'm A Cuckoo [Japanese Version] (Belle & Sebastian). If ever I'm feeling in the need for a little pickmeup, Belle & Sebastian is the ultimate mood-lifter. I also have, and dearly love, their cover version of Here Comes The Sun.
  13. Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky (October Project). I know next to nothing about this band, except that every single song of theirs I've encountered, I've loved. Immediately, and enduringly.

8 thoughts on “thursday thirteen songs

  1. I only recently started playing attention to the Decemberists tracks I have; Crane Wife really caught my attention when it popped up on random play. They're my next album to buy.

    And the Dresden Dolls covered Such Great Heights?! Where?

  2. I started my Decemberists spree with "Picaresque" and "Castaways and Cutouts", both of which I highly recommend.

    I don't know where the Dresden Dolls cover came from; it's a live version and not fantastic quality because of that, but still. We loves us our Such Great Heights covers. Check your email 😉

  3. From that giant batch of live ones posted on teh_music? I think I had them, and deleted them because of the quality. Hmm….

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