it's all about timing

The cats aren't talking to me today. They and I have a fundamental disagreement of this nature every twelve weeks, when I shove worm tablets down their gullets. I'm not too worried: I figure their eventual hunger will make them affectionate again, oh, around dinner time this afternoon.

I am on a Snow Patrol kick lately, and have been for the last few months. This is because their album, Eyes Open, frankly, rocks.

Luckily, she says sarcastically, one of their songs was featured in the recent (for Aussies) season's ending to Grey's Anatomy. Which means that every commercial radio station in the country is currently in some kind of escalating competition to see who can play said song the most during any given day. Because clearly that old absence makes the heart grow fonder saw is nothing but tripe and trollop and what we all need to fall in love with this song and thus run out and buy it is to hear it one! more! time!

7 thoughts on “it's all about timing

  1. Heh. I am in fact listening to the previous album just as this came through. Still, given the kick I'm on, perhaps that's not a coincidence at all.

  2. Yeah, I dug that out and put it on the computer when the radio had killed "Chasing Cars" for me. I would have to say I agree, 'tis a fantastic album. Works as background music, writing music, and just sitting and listening music. What more can you ask?

    And while I think about it, I don't think I've read any yoga or business natterings on your blog lately 🙁 Have you stopped with that? Or is there a filter I missed?

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