today's goal is to write. anything.

I think I'm stuck in post-novel ennui.

Finishing was good. Finishing was effervescent. Then comes the realisation: this isn't really finished. This is actually 400 pages of revision notes rather than a story. And soon (in this case, November), I'm going to have to trawl through it again… That kinda takes the edge off the buzz. Not enough to kill it, oh no — just enough to remind me I have to work tomorrow, so best not get completely blotto and stagger home at 6 in the am.

What does kill the buzz? Not writing for a day or two. I'm itchy for words and too burnt out to write them, and have nothing to write them on if I did have them. It's a horrible state.

So instead, I went shopping. I'm not normally one for retail therapy, but nonetheless. Me. Shopping. And the good news?

We have satchel!

3 thoughts on “today's goal is to write. anything.

  1. In one fell swoop. I actually, made cocky by the achievement of finding a satchel, wandered the shops thinking today might therefore be a good day for new clothes and other purchase.

    It was not.

    But! satchel. :mrgreen:

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