maybe if i cut down on sleep…

I'm breaking the "I've been writing too much to blog" silence just to announce another one. Next week I'm off to the wilds somewhere in Victoria (I've yet to discover the precise location; I'm okay with that; I'll find out when I get there), and I don't know what internet access I'll have while there. I suspect little to none.

In between now and departure, I have to:

  • work — too much (I need a holiday)
  • pack
  • wash — preferably before packing
  • print out the story I plan to have critiqued while I'm away
  • finish the story I plan to have critiqued while away
  • prepare some kind of answer to the "what do you want for your birthday?" question
  • attend some kind of family birthday function, if all members of the family arrive as they are currently threatening to do

Not necessarily in that order.