this writing is a funny thing, really

The week six clarion story what desperately needs a title is finished. Well, except for the title. This is an immense relief, and I can only anticipate this relief extending into bliss when I find a title I like. (Or even a title at all.) So far I'm looking for quotes, because I think this story needs a lyrical title, but nothing appropriate is springing to mind. Quick, what's a good title for a story with faeries, skin-cookies, and bargains gone awry? I got nuffin.

In order to finish said story by the end of August, I had to put aside the novel for a week. Boy, was that a mistake. When I picked it up again on Friday, I'd forgotten everything. I'd left off in the middle of a scene that should be relatively easy to pick up again: my characters were arguing and there's nothing my characters like more than slinging around a bit of invective and accusations of snivelly natures. So it shoulda been easy to get going again, right? Um, yeah.

Fortunately, today being Sunday, I decided to start the day writing, and to stay tucked up in bed at the same time, and let's just say I've caught up a ways. Enough that I can take time off to do inconsequential things such as, you know, shower. Shop for cat food. Those sort of trivialities.

Unfortunately (for me) I'm going to have to hit 1500 words a day on the novel to get it finished this month as planned. Provided the novel comes in at or under 100,000 words; if it goes over, there's no way I'm finishing this month. 1500 words a day is a little difficult for me, with this novel, so forgive me if things go a bit silent at times.

4 thoughts on “this writing is a funny thing, really

  1. My brother suggested "Thomas Loves His Oatcakes", which makes me giggle and actually remains my favourite, but isn't the right tone so doesn't make the cut. Alas alack.

    Even more alas alack? I had a thought while driving today, which means the story is not finished after all. Buggerdamn.

  2. You know it's better to have those thoughts BEFORE you've sent it off for submission.

    And that title does rocketh muchly. You could follow that line, and try "Cooking With Your Boyfriend's Epidermus, and Other Catastrophies".

    ………….and if you have a recipe for oatcakes, you could edit it down to 1000 words, and send it to Stu for Gastronomicon II. For which I'm still hunting about for ideas.

  3. Cooking With Your Boyfriend's Epidermus… 😀 I love it!

    Sadly, the story grew rather than shrank, so it's now 4k. I don't think I could get it down to 1k. So I'll have to come up with yet another cooking-based idea for Gastronomicon II. But I mean, what are the chances? Two cooking-related stories from a girl who can't find the cutlery drawer in the kitchen?

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