let sleeping 'flies lie

:: Random utterance of the day: I call that my "sleepy bear" impression.

:: Last night, in googling family history, I stumbled across a site on the Russian Anzacs, which even has a listing for a William Kalinovsky. My great-grandfather was a William Kalinovsky. Everything matches, father's name and place of birth and occupation and his eventually settling in Brisbane; and there's only the one Kalinovsky on the WWI embarkation roll; so I rather suspect this is, in fact, my great-grandfather. Most bizarre. I thought he'd anglicised his name on arriving on Australia, but his national service papers use Kalinovsky, so now I want to know when the name changed.

:: Still no satchel.

:: I forgot to take into account, when budgeting that I could get this damn novel finished by the end of this month, the way they bog down towards the end. That's what happens when you don't know how everything ties up. This morning I decided that maybe part of the problem is I wrote a snippet of the ending about 10,000 words ago. Oops. That'll have to move. But what to put in the gaping hole?

:: I don't like writing battle scenes. Why did this book have to have a battle scene? Stupid book. Stupid me, letting it have a battle scene.

4 thoughts on “let sleeping 'flies lie

  1. Dude….do you want a satchel for your birthday? I mean, you're not being subtle or anything. ;p If you find one online, lemme know.

    I'm all about battle scenes. Romance, however….

  2. You've already pre-bought and shipped my present, remember? And believe me, I've been looking. Looking looking looking. Nothing, online or off. I'm going to mug my brother for his one of these days.

    And romance? Bah. Double bah. It's as bad as the battles. My characters just like to bitch and moan at each other. Anything involving action of any kind …

  3. Hi, welcome aboard! I think I'll be happy if the pain of finishing this thing doesn't show through as an enormous, continuous whine when I come back to revise! (tongue firmly in cheek as well)

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