And… book.

I think, anyway. The problem is though, I ended with the climax. No denouement, no catharsis. Now the book is really half of a story, in that there's a sequel (this time I was clever enough to stop at a more commercial length 😉 ), so it's normal for not everything to be tied up. Heck, it's normal even for a stand-alone for not everything to be tied up. But ending on the climax feels… weird.

I tried to write a denouement. Wrote 700 words, deleted them. Wrote 1400 words, deleted them. The problem is, any scene I come up with now is actually starting new stuff rather than tying up old stuff, so it all feels like it belongs in the next book.

Rather than worry about it needlessly, I've typed -30- into the manuscript, and right under that a little note to myself: um, catharsis, maybe? You know, for those of us who hate cliffhanger endings?. And I'll worry about that in the revision.

But for now! Book!

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