Trivial reasons why living in Australia rawks part 10,782(a): Tim Tam biscuits. Now, I won't claim they're my favourite biscuit, since that honour belongs to the sadly almost-entirely-unavailable jaffa cake. But you need tim tams for …

Trivial reasons why living in Australia rawks part 10,782(b): the tim tam suck. Namely, hot chocolate sucked up through a tim tam biscuit1. There's a trick to it, because if you give in to fear then the tim tam doesn't instantly dissolve when you eat it, and you're missing the true impact. But get brazen and hold the moment too long and all you've got is chocolate-covered fingers and hot chocolate glooped over the table in front of you.

  1. Some people like coffee. These people are clearly freaks, and are missing the chocaholic coma that comes with combining multiple forms of chocolate in one indulgence. My mother once claimed port was a good idea, but me, I think it's a waste of good port and okay chocolate. Your mileage may vary. []

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