Things I hate, part 7,000,003: the telephone.

Why is it that the telephone must be answered right this instant? Am I the only person in the world who doesn't feel this compunction? I am phonophobic in a world of phonophilics.

Things I did yesterday: shrieked like a banshee because there was a baby huntsman in the mail box, who was just as worried about finding himself suspended in midair on my hand as I was. Felt like a right royal fool when I realised it was only a huntsman spider, and a baby at that1, and checked to see if anyone was laughing at me. (If there was, they were out of sight.)

Why I didn't write yesterday: because I broke the synchronization between my laptop and my desktop, and it took me all last night to restore it. Colour me cranky.

  1. For the non-Australians, I don't know about spider sizes in your parts of the world. The full-grown huntsman is a large spider, mostly harmless to humans. The fear they evoke has to do with the fact that they will hang on your wall for days on end and then, an hour after you last looked, they'll have traversed the spider equivalent of leagues. Or, more terrifyingly, they'll be in your car. I can tell you that Suzanne found a baby huntsman in her bed on her visit to Aus, and declared it "huge", if that helps for size reference. Or else check out the photos here. []

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  1. Dude, I hate the telephone, too!! I don't see why people can't just send me an email. At work, I keep wanting to make my outgoing message say "Email is my preferred method of communication, so I may not return this call," but I'm sure my boss would get a little miffed. :p

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I don't mind receiving calls at work, and if I'm there to answer it that's fine and I'll deal with it. But leave me a message that means I have to pick up a phone? Not my favourite task!

  3. The photo of the spider on the toilet paper roll…*shudders*.

    Yes, huge is a good adjective!

  4. The little devils are huge! I stand by my adjective, and sympathize at the creepiness of finding one in the mailbox. I would most certainly have shrieked! 🙂

  5. In the mailbox would have been creepy enough, if I'd found him there. I would've just left the mail alone until he'd abandoned his nice little nest. But on my hand? Not the funnest part. Although I will see the little bugger was very soft as he ran for cover.

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