never trust a book. they lie.

Dear Book:

You promised me that you would be only 100,000 words. So far I've hit 45,000 words and I alternate between being certain that 5,000 words will wrap everything up because I'm running out of plot, and the sure and certain knowledge that you have enough angst in you to take me up to November. This will not do. Kindly make up your mind. Angst is fine, take your angst and run with it; but please keep in mind that I need plot to justify the angst. No, I don't like manufacturing plot, either, but it's our job.

And while you're at it, remember that you promised me I'd be finished by October. Not midway through October, not at the end of October, by October.

no love,

2 thoughts on “never trust a book. they lie.

  1. Dear Typing Monkey,

    I just had the BEST idea for a sequel, only it will have to be written at the same time cuz it'll be one of those two parts of the same book kind of deals.


    Your Book

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