hanging around, nothing to do but frown

For some reason this afternoon I can't focus. And I don't mean focus in the sense of concentration, I mean my eyes literally keep fading out of focus. It's ace. Not. I think it has something to do with trying to merge my current installs of wordpress (I have three; this blog, the clarion blog, and a test blog) into one multi-blog install. But lo! apparently even the simple instructions are not simple enough for me. So I'll try again later, when I have more time. And more in the way of eyesight.

I didn't get a story ready for Charlie's slushbomb. I had sorta kinda planned to sub the current demon short story in progress, but after working on it all day I still wasn't finished. Not even finished enough that there's only the final polish left.

There's a few structural issues still to clean up, some transitions and such, and I still have to figure out how to make sure the reader follows the timeline. Advice anyone? The second scene is 12 months earlier than the first, and then scenes 3 and following are all 7 years after the second scene.

I originally wrote it with headings — Second Samhain, First Samhain, Seventh Samhain — but that relies on the reader knowing that Samhain is an actual day (some of the crit class didn't, so lesson one: never assume), and it's just so awkward.

Tomorrow morning I wade back in, and I am hopeful that I will wibble finish.

Also, one of my Clarion flatmates entertained us all throughout the six weeks with his musical stylings. (Not to mention insisting on a group rendition of Apple Sauce each week. And a rather memorable group rendition of A-Ha's Take On Me which may have broken a vocal chord or two.) And now, lucky people that you are, his band People People are now on MySpace, complete with songs to download for free so you all can have a listen, too. Sadly, there's no Apple Sauce; but after all, what happens at Clarion, stays at Clarion. Or something like that.

2 thoughts on “hanging around, nothing to do but frown

  1. I reckon, leave the Samhains in and let people look em up (possibly give them a clue, if you're feeling kind, but how hard is it to google Samhain? Not very). Or, just be blunt about it and use headings: A YEAR AGO and SEVEN YEARS AFTER to introduce the scenes.
    Yr loving teacher, Margo. 8)

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