dear alarmclock: nolove from me

One of the most frustratingly pointless items ever made would have to be an alarm clock which doesn't keep time. The blasted thing is gaining about twenty seconds a day. Now, I can cope with some time gain (better gain than loss; I like to scrape through in the mornings rather than have leisure time), but twenty seconds a day? It's now 13 minutes fast. That's too much leisure time in the morning; that's 13 minutes of stolen sleep every morning. That's surely against the Geneva Convention. (And if it's not, it should be.)

4 thoughts on “dear alarmclock: nolove from me

  1. You think 20 seconds is bad… THe computer at my work gains 50mins between 8 and 5 some days… and then goes the other way and is just generally completely random!!! Makes looking for previous sales very difficult! 😯

  2. Kat! How is ya?

    When I worked at Tomago, the magnetic fields were so strong that they started my analogue watch running slower and slower, and eventually it started running backward! That was one very bafflingly long day! 😉

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