this aunt business is going to be fun

Remember the baby? Of course you all remember the baby.

Remember how, within an hour of her birth, I embarked on my campaign to inflict lasting psychological trauma by way of an affectionate nickname?

Cue evil laugh here. Because look what baby's had made for her: the Snorgle bib!

Her grandmother (not my mother, the other grandmother) has made her a Snorgle bib. Or a Snorgl bib, I should say, because there was something about leaving the e off to centre it properly. I don't know. Doesn't matter. It's still the same nickname, only now with a bit more of a tongue-swallowing sound at the end there, which may possibly be more appropriate, onomatopoeically. This means not only have I got my family calling her Snorgle, I've converted the in-laws!

3 thoughts on “this aunt business is going to be fun

  1. You might as well start writing the Snorgl stories now. That's what you need, right now, of course. Another writing project. The more the merrier!

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