somewhere near, one senses fear

New favourite song of the day: Casanova in Hell, performed live by Pet Shop Boys & Rufus Wainwright.

Also? Writing to a convoluted, back and forth, choppy timeline with an amnesiac character? Is hard. From now on, I shall work only on linear stories. Do you hear me, backbrain? Linear timelines only. (Why, yes, I am working on my week six Clarion story, otherwise known as The Shedding Story What Desperately Needs A Title. Why do you ask?)

And lastly, for your daily artistic pleasure, check out the Rijksmuseum widget (for both Mac and PC operating systems). (link via lifehacker.)

2 thoughts on “somewhere near, one senses fear

  1. He's an ace lil fellow, isn't he? I've seen him around a couple of places now, had to have a copy for myself šŸ˜‰

    And, having just spent the last two passages on the oatcakes, I feel rather… nauseous.

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