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In the past few days, the baby has been blessed, I've fallen behind in my daily writing, I've watched the Sarah-Jane/K9 episode of the latest Doctor Who series twice, attempted to clean up my to-do list (which is now ridiculously overlong and unmanageable; and the attempt to clean it up only ate up time, really), downloaded and installed Thunderbird and (for the second time) decided I don't want to use it. (This has little to do with Thunderbird itself, which I quite like, and more to do with the web interface of my email being just too damn cool.) I've also updgraded my site to the latest version of WordPress, tweaked the website display (only after I'd finished writing for the day), and am, as I write this, uploading my writing files to an online backup service. Needless to say, I'm feeling very virtuous right about now. Although that will vanish if the upload plays tricksies on me, for then I will feel cranky.

I'm sure there were other things, but I'm too lazy to dredge them from my increasingly non-existent memory.

6 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Oh, just rub the Doctor Who in the face of your American friends. I hate waiting. I'd sing the praises of anyone who managed to, say, get me copies of the eps in some fashion that I could watch :-). If only I had Canadian connections, like Bear once talked about on her LJ.

    I like the sidebar image. Fancy.

    And I keep having that issue with Thunderbird, too. It is a very cool program, quite awesome in fact, and just doesn't fulfill any need I have. I love Gmail's interface (it has a nice, organized disorganization that appeals to my brain), and if I was still using Fastmail (read, if I could afford to pay), well, I liked that one, too, though it has been a while since I saw it (I do recall fun color schemes, among other things). Thunderbird, in other words, is probably quite snazzy for the people who need it. I just ain't one of them.

  2. Thanks, I spent far more time than I should have, finding and cropping those images (they rotate). As for Dr Who eps, my brother has all of the second season as divx files (I think the phrase "torrent" springs to mind). I'm not talking to him until the season has aired completely, because he delights in spoilering.

    As for Thunderbird: mainly it suffers from the whole "email client" thing, for mine. The Fastmail and Gmail interfaces are so good that a client actually just gets in the way and slows me down. (Doesn't the Fastmail account just revert back to a member account if you don't pay the yearly fee?)

  3. *looks at sidebar* ooooo, I may spend all my free time staring at your website now. I *heart* Waterhouse.

    I think the fastmail reverts to the 10 mg account, as I recall. Useless size these days. I may cough up money again sometime to have a nice, fancy fastmail account, partly to use as backup (I like to email stories from one web account to another). Right now I'm using AIM mail as a backup account, but would love to go back to supporting the little guy.

    If I had broadband, I'd so dl the doctor who eps (it's not like I wouldn't buy the DVDs when they come out, after all :-). Man, I really need broadband again. If only money weren't the huge issue it currently is.

  4. Waterhouse is da man.

    And yeah, I hear you on the size of FastMail, it is "too small" these days. But it suits me because I love the interface it has and the way it lets me get into the guts of its rules filter and whatnot. And I am an absolute email Nazi: an email to me gets responded to (or filed) and deleted. Nothing but nothing gets left in my inbox. (I must admit to being more lazy with the gmail accounts, what with the massive storage limits. Which is precisely why I keep FM the primary account! I don't need another excuse to be lazy 😉 )

    And see, even if I could afford broadband (which I can't, so it's kinda moot), my local telco won't let me have it. 😥

  5. Lazy is good. Be the Lazy. I tend to be one of those keep all the emails kind of persons, because, you know, you never know when you'll need to read that email from your sister saying "ok, see you then" again. It might be *vital*.

    I hope to get broadband again. I'd prefer to go cable, but Cox would make me pay 80ish for the modem, plus about 200 total in installation because my apartment hasn't had cable in years, and thus the line would need big time upgrading. So it'll probably (sigh) be dsl again, with the evil Qwest. But not too soon in the future. Money. Big ol frickin' sigh.

  6. See, you toss around cable vs dsl as if it's a choice that a person can make for themselves. Here, dsl is the epitome of connection and I'm not even allowed that! stabbity to the stupid telco, stabbity.

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