find a little in you, find a little in me

One day I will understand why Akismet, when it tells me it's added however many more spam comments to its queue since I logged in yesterday, only feels the urge to display one or two of them for my edification. It's not that I doubt Akismet, precisely, but I do doubt its counting abilities. Or at least its judgement on suitable sample sizes.

Yesterday I managed, by dint of attempting to create a new ftp account and misunderstanding precisely how to do that, to login to my website with an incorrect username and password enough times for my webhost to block me. Yes, I locked myself out of my own website. Go team me. I'd say it gave me more time to work on writing and other significant things, but actually I spent so long trying to figure out why my site was "down" that I got less than usual done. And also, what with my computer deciding to virus scan promptly at 5pm (according to the "Scan on Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm" schedule I'd set in March, but which the computer has ignored up until yesterday), and then deciding it needed all available resources to scan for the next three hours… Well, you get the picture.

For now, it's back to wrangling with that short story. There may or may not be casualties.

2 thoughts on “find a little in you, find a little in me

  1. Damn you and your lyric titles! It took me ages to figure out what that was from, because I refused to read further till I'd pinned it.

    Or else I'd have figured it out much sooner.

  2. Dude, you gotta start looking for the easy way out, and stop solving everything yourself. You'll never cultivate true sloth otherwise. 😉

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