the point where you must choose between what you've lost and what you stand to lose

The thing with public holidays is that the whole world is home on a Monday1. This is a problem because I am possessive and easily thrown off-course, and Monday is my Sunday, and I've grown rather used to having a Sunday wherein everyone else is working and I get the world to myself. Not to mention the washing machine.

I cannot write a word I like lately. I cannot even write a word I feel ambivalent about. But that's okay. No, really, it is. I'd tell myself that I'll fix them in a later draft but, seeing as one of my current projects is mucking about in the guts of one of my Clarion stories and I'm convinced that I've broken it beyond repair, it's probably not such helpful advice today. Later, when I've put the broken-beyond-repair story back together and not looked at it for a while and discovered, when I do come back to it, that it's not broken beyond all repair after all, then will be better. In the meantime, I'm employing my superhuman powers of disinterest to ignore all of those weaselly words..

In novel news, my protag who started doing stuff (even if it was only cooking)? Yeah, she stopped. Yay. I'm punishing her by ignoring her. I've also threatened to take away her pet if she doesn't behave.

It is entirely possible that my jagged and scattered mood is the direct result of cannonballing the first three seasons of Scrubs over the past couple of days. Perhaps not my best move. I really liked the first season, but as it went on the lead character got more cocky and I liked that less. On the upside, though, the music selection truly is excellent. And that moment when the cast sang Waiting for my Real Life to Begin? Rawks.

  1. For the non-Aussies, today is the Queen's Birthday public holiday. I understand that the UK celebrate the Queen's Birthday long weekend on a different date. I don't know why, and I don't care. Frankly, I'm all for a republic, but only so long as we don't lose the Queen's Birthday long weekend. And no, I don't mean renaming it Independence Day or President's Birthday, or whatever. We can have another public holiday for those. []

4 thoughts on “the point where you must choose between what you've lost and what you stand to lose

  1. I hear you with the washing machine thing. Oh yes. They don't understand when I tell them that I'm running out of socks, they just do not grasp the implications of such a thing. Woe.

  2. See, now that's just wrong. Don't they understand? It's not like we'd know how to wash them in the river or anything practical like that. We needs the machines…

  3. I know what you mean about hating everything you write. Most of my stories have been written, abandoned, rewritten, and abandoned lately.

    Keep at it. Eventually you'll write something you like.

  4. Thanks Suzanne. It would help if I was as fast as I used to be; this slowness thing is peeving me the hell off. Which only makes me slower, so that's not so helpful either 😉

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