My brain won't let me concentrate on any one task. It has this scattery idea that, all of a sudden, I am an Artiste Extraordinaire.

Comics, ever considered comics? it whispers to me. That not-drawing thing you got going, we can fix that. Photography, you know, photography is cool. Ever considered micro-fiction? Or how about acrylics and oils? You know, carpentry would be pretty ace. My brain has not, so far, suggested I take up either songwriting or singing — because even my brain on whatever it's on that has it skipping and hopping all over the braincase recognises utter futility as a waste of time. (Mind you, it's only utter and extreme futility that tips the scales. The closest I've come to carpentry is that spice rack I made somewhere in the depths of high school, and some random sanding moments since. Painting, and drawing? Yeah. Not so much with the talents there. And photography? I don't even own a working camera at the moment.)

I have been self-medicating with the first season of Scrubs, since it was only $16 when I went in to buy a copy of Garden State. Consequently, I am now walking around the house singing I can't do this all on my own, no I know, I'm no superman. My cat, in the wise way of cats, ignores me.

8 thoughts on “scatterbrain

  1. *snort! cackle! pop!*

    (You know, my most shameful guilty secret is a deep deeeeeeeeeep need to make every single story of mine into a comic. My inner universe is animated (but I cannot animate on my own). Wait, that sounds dirty.)

  2. It can't sound too dirty if my smutbrain went straight to golems instead of to smut. And I sooooo want to see your banshee/bears with laser beams story made into a comic.

  3. I guess I am a higher level in my smut than you, young padawan.

    And yeah….I can see that as some ridiculously overblown Image or Marvel comic, 'cause there needs to be some long windswept swishy hair right there.

    (You could make a comic of your harbingers…and have lots of black panels and dialogue.)

    (Actually, that could really rock.)

  4. Tess — and if I made the harbingers into a comic, it would solve (or at least mitigate) the "I can't draw for shite" problem that naturally arises when I contemplate comics. You is a genius! :mrgreen:

    Leigh — argh! Don't encourage me! You know all I'll do is whine to you about how I can't draw until you draw it for me 😉

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