put your money on the table, strain the glass through your teeth

This morning, as I lay in bed reading, my computer switched itself on. Seriously. Apropos of nothing I can pinpoint (well, I was in bed without my glasses; you can't expect too much here), I heard the fan start up, and the computer booted itself up to the login screen. I stared at it for a while, wondered about power surges tripping a startup, or whether my computer had become sentient last night and, for its very first trick, had learnt how to induce guilt; and then I decided I'd fix it later. After I'd finished this chapter. But after I ignored it for a few minutes, the computer performed the equivalent of a shrug: it put itself back into hibernation. With an audible click that had me wondering about the guilt trip thing again.

I'm now left feeling a little like Neil from The Young Ones: technology hates me, man. Or at least it judges me. But, after a morning reading in bed, I'm good with that. There's very little in the way of ills that being curled up in bed with a book won't cure, I find.

This week has been a strange one. Lots of family, what with the new addition summoning relatives from far and wide. There are photos (my Lord are there photos!), but I don't want to post them without permission, so for now I'll just post a couple of Kaitlyn's hands. They actually rank as my favourites, anyway.

I also had thoughts this morning of confidence and apologising in writing, but they don't fit in this post. Plus they're still very vague and nebulous. So maybe a bit more on that later.

4 thoughts on “put your money on the table, strain the glass through your teeth

  1. I have had my stereo turn itself on in the middle of the night, on the radio setting too, which I never actually use. It's always on AUX, for my computer speakers. I turned it off, 'cause the display was too much light. And kept changing colour. So after ten seconds it turned itself on again.

    I dunno.

    Hello little baby.

  2. ah, my friend, you have discovered the wackiness of Window's hybernate and stand-by code. That's happened to me, too. Of course, I like to think of it being much more interesting than a mere bug. I think Microsoft has actually shipped Windows with…poltergeists!

  3. There are various things that can actually wake a computer. A couple of common ones are "Wake On LAN" and "Wake on Ring".

    Wake on LAN means if a remote computer tries to talk to your computer over a network, your computer will wake up. It is slightly possible that a computer on the internet could wake your computer in this scenario.

    Wake on Ring means if your computer is plugged into a phone line (not Broadband/ADSL/Cable) and a call comes in on that line, the computer will wake. This is used for receiving faxes for instance.

    One other thing that can wake a computer is the mouse. A ball or optical mouse can take the slightest movement to wake a computer; and an optical mouse can (rarely) think it's detected movement and thus wake your computer if detects a change in light falling on its sensor. This of course is rare because the sensor is usually face down on the table.

    And then there's just the plain old "no reason".

  4. nothing is more beautiful than a newborn's hands. so sweet, delicate — not hardened by life's labors, just lovingly soft. gorgeous shots. i'm so happy about your new niece! 😀

    peace – rie

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