oh, and i got a haircut

Yesterday I spring-cleaned my hard-drive. It occurred to me that having half-started short stories sitting around in an ever-growing (or at least never-shrinking) list was probably not helping with that whole not making headway thing. So I sorted through them, and shelved or scrapped stories that I won't come back to, for one reason or another. (In most cases the reason was that it was never a story to begin with, just a cool idea that never fleshed out; so I've kept the idea but scrapped the meandering excuse for a story.)

So now I'm on a bit of "finish short stories!" kick, starting with the oldest first. This means I am currently working on a short story about a water fairy that I started in 2003. Yeah, slacker, that's me. After the water fairy story, I only have 28 short stories and 7 novels to go. And that first novel, which I might yet rewrite into something more manageable. And the other novels that are crowded into the back of my head and haven't had a first sentence or anything yet. Sure thing.

Also, apropos of nothing in particular, I learnt the difference between venom and poison. I pretty much knew it anyway, but now I can articulate it succinctly, which means now I know. How long this knowledge lasts is another matter entirely. The problem with knowing this? It sparked a short story idea. I am resisting considering it a proper short story; watch me stick my fingers in my ears and chant la la la, you're just an idea, you're just an idea — get in line!

In the biggest not-yet-news of all, today my sister-in-law's waters broke. Pre-dawn this morning. As yet, however, she's so far failed to make me an aunt (again). I have faith in her, though 😉

2 thoughts on “oh, and i got a haircut

  1. For some reason I'm miffed that the difference between venom and poison lies solely in how they're administered.

  2. I can totally understand that. Venom sounds like it should be more somehow than simply injected. And I've spent random minutes since wondering if there are venomous plants, or if they're all poisonous.

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