i already have a plan — i'm waiting for my real life to begin

First, a kjitten update — Max and Hakuna are six months old now. Can you tell they're brothers? "Little" Max is now 4kg, and I think it's the densest 4kg I've ever owned.

Today's word-rep would be about the sparring crows. Did you know men in black tunics practicing their swordplay (or whatever weapon I decide to give them later) look like sparring crows? Let me tell you about the crows sparring in the courtyard, just one more time. I'd blame this word-rep-fest on writing by hand late at night, but I have a feeling those particular words were from this morning's effort. So I can't. Oops.

On the upside, I did manage to find my protag's voice today. She's had a hard first chapter, what with everyone she knows being massacred, so for the scenes following all that action, all I could get out of her was gibbering shock. (And word/phrase repetition. Natch.) But today she started doing stuff, thankfully, and she started getting snarky in her dialogue. Colour me immensely relieved.

4 thoughts on “i already have a plan — i'm waiting for my real life to begin

  1. Sparring crows? Are you sure that sparring crows don't look like sparring dudes with swords? That are sparring?

    (Must be something about kjittens/puppies that involves sleeping with their paws in the air. BELLY.)

  2. I know. But this protag, she really likes bird comparisons. She's stuck on the crows at the moment. It'll do for now 😉

  3. ok, i love your cats. may i come visit them? i am pleased about voice-finding for the protag, but very much in love with the kitties.

    i'll bring those cookies i owe you for wordpress advice… 😆

  4. hey rie! you most certainly may come and visit the kjittens – although one is with my grandparents in south australia (but hey, you don't hop on a plane for umpteen hours to just visit one spot over here, right?) I would very much like the cookies, but the kjittens would definitely prefer the cookies to be kangaroo-meat or something equivalent.

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