awww, lookit the baby

My brother's daughter arrived at 15:something yesterday. I think 15:10 or thereabouts. My brother said it's okay if I call her Snorgle.1

I had the day off from the dayjob today, and was looking forward to gathering up and corralling a slew of words on the page. No such luck, unfortunately. The going was slowslowslow, and after only 400 odd words I stopped because, quite frankly, all I was doing was writing filler. And no one wants to read filler. And writing filler? Possibly even more boring than reading it.

The problem of course is not only do I not know where I'm going with this story, any time I do think up a new snippet of plot, it's always just that: a snippet. A beat. Never a scene, with its own arc and turning point, just a beat. It's all so very disjointed. (I don't mind disorganised. I wrote my first novel out of order and without an outline. Disorganised is okay. Even though most of this novel has so far been written in sequence. But disjointed, where I can't feel a connection between what I'm writing and what I've written and what I'm planning, that's not okay.)

What I really need to do is collect the snippets up as beats, but not start on writing a new scene until I have a new scene. Surprises are okay, sure, but I really need to know the pivotal action, the beat that will be the turning point, the mini-narrative of the scene. Before going in. Otherwise, I'm going to write an awful lot of filler.

So, yeah, I'm plotting now. Or trying to. I have an uneasy relationship with plotting. I need to take it by surprise, ambush attacks, approach it whistling and thinking of other things.

  1. Yes, I did nickname the beagle puppy we didn't buy Snorgle. No, my brother doesn't know that. No, I may not be allowed to call his daughter Snorgle for long, if ever, if he ever discovers the connection. But I want it documented that he said I was allowed to. []

6 thoughts on “awww, lookit the baby

  1. I laughed at Snorgle. (I can't help associating the name of a short, fat, unfit dragon.)

    I too had the day off, and was going to work so hard on this short story. Instead, I stayed up until 4am reading, slept till 11, pottered around, went out and bought bits and pieces for going away (like not-embarassing knickers), came home, pottered around, and now I'm thinking about maybe doing some work on this story.


    You can have some of my plot if you like. You know everyone was saying "more back story!" which is going to take over the story, because it has ploticitis, and won't stop growing.

  2. Yeah, I never got "more backstory!" levelled at me. That would be because I'm so desperate for plot I had to shove all the backstory I could find into the story to prop it up already.

    I think I need to get over this need for happenstance to happen in my stories. It's clearly hampering me, this need for internal consistency and, shit, you know, interest. Or sumthin.

  3. Clearly, you need a giant blazing rock to fall from the sky and make things complicated.

    Er. In your story. Not on Newcastle.

  4. Snorgle. Kid hasn't even been in the world two days and you've already managed to cause lasting psychological damage. Go you.

    Usually, it's an older sibling that's responsible for such things, not aunts. 🙂

    On the plot front, well, just throw me into any scene you need to. I mean, apparently I'm, you know, responsible for all the evil in the world. Someone apparently has implied this might be the case. My presence should get things moving. A few damsels distressingly tied to rails, a few puppies in blenders. I've often been told, after all, that wherever I go I make a scene.

    Drum roll! Thank you, we'll be here all night.

  5. Congrats on your new little niece!!!

    Man, I've been there with the writing filler. My rule of thumb is, if I am bored writing it, someone else is DEFINITELY going to be bored reading it. 😛

  6. hey gergity! bite. me. we all know older sisters create joy and harmony in the universe. no pain, none at all. no weirdness with lincoln logs, nothing like that. 😈

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