win some, lose some

Decision the first: yesterday morning I allowed the roadside repair people to talk me into a patrolman instead of a tow. This meant the patrolman could start the car (as, of course, I knew he'd be able to; it's only a battery or starter motor problem). Which meant I got to drive the car to the mechanics instead of having it towed. Which meant, of course, that I was sans transportation home. Which led to…

Decision the second: since the next bus was a good half-hour away and would take 45 minutes to get me home anyway, and since I'm too cheap to spring for a taxi when the weather was so nice, I thought I'd walk. It's only 7km, after all — what's 7km between friends? Well, quite a lot, it turns out, if it's between unfit friends. Particularly if all but the first and last of those kilometres happen to be steeply uphill.

The outcome, naturally, is a newly-rubbed hole in each heel and each little toe.

The good news is the car's problem is only a bung starter motor, nothing more expensive at this point. The even better news is I spent yesterday afternoon working on a new commercial project, which should pay for the repairs. So I won't come out ahead, all up, but I should hopefully break even. That's something.

Today has been so hectic and long [insert generic whine] that all I can think of is food. Pizza and soft drink and chocolate, that's what I want. I'm going to settle for some leftover apple pie (which, really, I don't think of as settling, and which I'm allowed to eat because lunch was vegetable soup). And I'm going to dive into notecarding the novel what ambushed me with one chapter and then clammed up quiet, because that "counts" as writing but doesn't have a word target attached to it.

4 thoughts on “win some, lose some

  1. Yeah 7KM is a lot. I had to walk 8 miles once at 3 o'clock in the morning (did it in 2 hours) and the last MILE was all uphill. I just wanted to roll myself into the ditch and die. 😛

  2. 7km on flat ground wouldn't've been so bad, especially as I wasn't busting an artery, if you know what I mean. I just made a mistake with that hill 😉 Then again, if I'd gone around, it would've been more like 10-12 km, and still uphill anyway!

  3. Depends on what (and when in the project) you're notecarding. Holly Lisle has a page up about how she notecards. Hers is done at the outline, pre-writing stage. More recently, Elizabeth Bear describes her notecarding, which is done at a couple of different stages throughout the novel. I tend more towards Bear's approach than Holly's.

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