when not to write

And lo, the 'flubug hung on for yet another day. The good news is that I'm not so dizzy anymore, so I'm hoping this is my last day off sick. The even better news is that my CDBaby CDs arrived in the post today. It's Tessa's fault. She told me about the site and I couldn't leave with my credit cards unscathed.

The closest I can come to content today is a link: Jeff VanderMeer has an interesting post on when not to write. This shall henceforth be my mantra when the guilt-monkey gets obstreperous.

5 thoughts on “when not to write

  1. In a really roundabout way, it's actually your fault; you stuck me on fst in the first place.

    If I think about it, you're responsible for about 90% of my recent CD purchases. ;p

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